Seek vengeance as the Primest Evil!  As a powerful undead magician resurrected after their betrayal by their army of minions, reclaim what’s yours or die trying – again and again.

Cel-Shaded World

Experience cel-shaded visuals created by veterans of the computer games and animation industries that bring the world to life.

Procedural Realms

The Inverse Tower is an ever-changing structure, and though the worlds from which its floors are drawn have a definite flavor, procedural construction methods ensure that each visit will be different.

Sorcerous Firepower

Found in storage rooms, on fallen enemies, or purchased from one of many monstrous vending machines, players wield a wide variety of procedurally-generated weapons to bring down punishment upon their foes.

Vengeance and Victory

Explore a darkly comic story full of big personalities and unforgettable characters, which unfolds a different way depending on how you deal along with your reclaimed subordinates – or manage their dislike for one another.

Conspire Together

Up to four players can band together in cooperative play across several game modes. But don’t forget – you might work together, but the best one will come out on top!